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ZHONGRONG XINDA interpretation:

ZHONG": With the neutralization, the cause is objective, positive and fair, which reflects the group's code of conduct, being free from prejudice.

“RONG”: Harmonizing people first, then financing, and the integration of internal and external resources, which implies the transition of group main body industry to financial investment.

“XIN”: Continuous innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. Innovation is not only the ability, but also courage.

“DA”: It's big because of its capacity, and be tolerant to embrace all! The enterprise development target is striving to be big and strong, serving the country through industrial development.
In general,it means that harmonizing and adopting every resource in neutralization,using new ideas to form big structure.

Group vision: Gather Global Elites, Build World’s Top 100, Perform Equity Division, Realize Wealth Sharing.

Our mission: To create a green company, to be a global citizen.

Humane management: People-oriented, focusing on the humane management is our business philosophy.

        We have carried out extensive cultural and sports activities with prominent themes, content-rich and significant features, organized theatrical performances and outdoor training activities each year, and loved sports Games once every two years. A hundred million Yuan has been invested to building staff apartments, restaurant, clinic, and basketball courts, table tennis room, reading room and other cultural and sports facilities; more than 10 million Yuan has been invested in planting for the plant and the living area, construction of the river landscape, with green area accounted for 40% of the plant, ranking the highest in the industry. A five-star green garden enterprise has begun to take shape.

Group Honor